US leads Vietnam in patent and trademark applications

The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) has announced new statistics on Vietnamese innovation that analysed the nation’s patent and trademark trends in 2014. The statistics suggest that although Vietnam’s economy has undergone rapid growth and a revolution in intellectual property rights and enforcement, this has largely created opportunities for large multinational companies […]

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New invented patent machines to weaving

altRecently, hundreds of households in the northern province of Ha Nam have been able to raise their incomes and living standards thanks to a simple machine invented by the son of a village weaver.

Tran Huy Quang, 28, a resident of Hoa Hau Commune, Ly Nhan District, is the founder of Thanh Nien (Youth) mechanical engineering workshop, which has provided over 4,000 machines to weaving factories in Ha Nam and the surrounding provinces of Thai Binh and Nam Dinh.

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automatic gas locking device

Sensor unit allows to automatically turn the fuel lock off

An automatic gas locking device has been successfully invented by a Vietnamese engineer.

automatic gas locking device

The device can sniff a small volume of leaking gas, the thing that people cannot do, and automatically lock off gas cooker, while giving warning signal.

The device invented by Le TIen Thang comprises of two parts, a valve and a control unit. One end of the valve is connected with the gas tank, while the other end is tied to the pipe that links gas to the cooker.

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What are limitations on patent rights in Vietnam?

Article 7, the IP Law of Vietnam stipulates that (i) patent right holders shall only be permitted to exercise their rights within the scope and term of protection provided for in this Law; (ii) the exercise of patent rights must not infringe the interests of the State, the public interest or the legitimate rights and […]

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