US leads Vietnam in patent and trademark applications

The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) has announced new statistics on Vietnamese innovation that analysed the nation’s patent and trademark trends in 2014. The statistics suggest that although Vietnam’s economy has undergone rapid growth and a revolution in intellectual property rights and enforcement, this has largely created opportunities for large multinational companies […]

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VN firms urged to protect brands overseas

As intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly important in international trade, experts urged Vietnamese companies to pay attention to overseas trademark protection registration.

According to the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), only about 1,000 Vietnamese trademarks are currently registered overseas. This is just a modest number given the hundreds of thousands of existing Vietnamese companies.

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Trademark Use in Vietnam

1. Based on the advertising regulations in Vietnam, the Vietnamese competent advertising regulatory authority is entitled to request your client to provide the relevant documents for the advertising purpose, of which the Trademark Registration Certificate in Vietnam is one those documents. 2. In case that your client changed the mark into a different format, it […]

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Lax firms suffer as their brands are duplicated

Poor vigilance by Vietnamese companies has allowed the trademarks of their well-known products to be mimicked by foreign competitors-a situation that is likely to escalate if left unchecked.

Some 25 per cent of Vietnamese enterprises don’t allocate a budget for branding, while 70 per cent invest a little without forming any strategies and 5 per cent run comprehensive strategies for branding and marketing.

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International Trademark Registration under Madrid system in Vietnam

Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol – International Trademark Registration Designating Vietnam

–         Vietnam has been a member of Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Mark, (“Madrid Agreement“) since March 8, 1949.

–         On July 11, 2006, Vietnam became a member of Madrid Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement (“Madrid Protocol“).

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Flexibility for choice of Office of Origin

Under the Agreement, an applicant has less choice over the trademark office in which it must file: It may only file in a contracting country to the Agreement in which it has “a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment”. Only if it has so such establishment may it file in the Office in the […]

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