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Trademark protection granting to be shortened

IP News from duytho.comAccording to Tran Viet Hung, Deputy Director General of NOIP, the move to shorten the waiting period from 12 to nine months for trademark certificates, aims at creating more favourable conditions for enterprises to register their trademarks.

Previously, many Vietnamese enterprises had their brand names appropriated by others in foreign markets, forcing them to spend time and money to claim names back.

For example, ‘Sa Giang phong tom’ (deep fried shrimp paste) trademark had been registered in France, ‘Trung Nguyen coffee’ in the US, and ‘Vinataba tobacco’ in 12 countries, including Japan, China, and Korea.

According to Hung, to date, 115,000 brand names have been registered for protection on the domestic market, and 1,000 brand names are being protected abroad. He said that the number of brand names to be registered for protection is expected to increase by 20 this year.

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