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Trademark protection ripe for produce

IP News from duytho.comA survey of 31 northern provinces and cities shows that less than half their agricultural businesses have registered for trademark, brand name and label protection, a year after implementation of the national programme to develop trademarks for Vietnamese

Vietnam exports many agricultural and foodstuff products, most of which are in raw form. Up to 90 of the country’s agricultural export output is shipped via intermediaries, without trademarks, said Tong Khiem, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development’s Agricultural-Forestry Encouragement Department.International customers are in the dark regarding Vietnam’s agricultural produce, despite consuming a reasonably large volume, he said.

According to surveys conducted by the departments of agriculture and rural development of 14 northern provinces and cities, of 173 companies producing and trading agricultural produce, seeds and seedlings, fertilizer, pesticides, and other associated products, only 37 or 21 have registered trademarks. Less than 2 have trademarks registered abroad.

Tran Huu Nam from the National Office for Intellectual Property, Ministry of Industry, said that mostly specialty fruits named after particular regions, for example Hoa Loc mango, Shan Tuyet and Moc Chau tea, bear registered trademarks. Some 30 types of agricultural produce are awaiting trademark registration.

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