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Trademark: The struggle without weapons

IP News from duytho.comIn our modern world, all of us seem to be living a life flooded in trademarks. We wake up when the Gimiko clock sounds the familiar alarm song, brush with Close-up toothpaste, drink a cup of Lipton tea, put on a Bossini shirt, Levi’s trousers, Nike shoes

The answer is marketing – a strategic means integral to manufacturers to create competitive capacity, which affects the success or failure in the business world. So how do the manufacturers carry out “marketing“ to fascinate millions of consumers’ brains and hearts, then achieve victory in the struggle? Let’s study how multinational enterprises in the world and Vietnam create strong trademarks. Then we can have a fresh view on the importance of marketing in the success or lack of success of an enterprise.

The struggle from needs to awareness

Consumers often tend to choose the trademark first appearing in their unconscious because of not only its brand’s name but also its unique and outstanding features, which transmit signals to the brain and turn them into purchasing action of that trademark.

For example, in selecting one of the purified water trademarks, if you wish to be perceived as a stylish person, you may think of Aquafina. However, if safety is your most important concern then you may choose one of the other reputable trademarks. Or when thinking of washing powder, most consumers’ first thought is that it must wash stains away and OMO has successfully controlled that attribute.

Therefore, the marketing struggle is not merely the struggle of product but the struggle of awareness.

And the struggle of difference

Competitive advantage of a trademark depends not only on the basic features, which the product brings the clients, but also on spiritual values. Such creates a fresh view on marketing in the present-day world…

Evian (a well-known French mineral water trademark) has released a series of advertising images in which elderly people sing young children’s melodies after drinking Evian. These images strive to awaken in the consumer a feeling that,  “Evian not only satisfies their  extremely fundamental need for refreshment but also points to a deep spiritual need of humanity – everyone hopes to remain forever young”.

So what does Trung Nguyen Coffee expect to sell you? It is not only excitement but also a source of creativity! X-men not only provides you cleanliness and fragrant scent but also sells the more valuable and allusive – “manly spirit”. These are the values that make a difference in consumer awareness, and which sometimes can transform trademarks from ordinary products into symbols.

If these values are permanent, they will create a firm foundation for the development of trademarks. The success of a trademark is evaluated not only by the number of new clients it attracts in a short time but also by their loyalty to that product in the long-run that makes an enterprise win or lose…

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