Unveiling the intellectual property infringing act of Truong Thinh Company

“LUXALON” is the exclusive trademark which is internationallly registered by Hunter Douglas (the Netherlands) for many classes of goods/services in construction field. Recently, there have appeared many products bearing the sign “LUXALINE”, causing confusion to consumers.


The products bearing the IPR infringing sign “LUXALINE”


Detecting infringing trademark.

“Luxalon” are trademarks and are the exclusive intellectual property of registered international Hunter Douglas Group (Netherlands), used for group products and services in the areas of their construction.

As a multinational corporation, prestige, reputation, operating throughout the United States and the European Community, with the desire to bring the best quality products for the Vietnamese construction work in Vietnam, Hunter Douglas was licensed for Hunter Douglas Vietnam Co., address: Binh Chieu Industrial Zone, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City – are allowed to use trademark Luxalon.

After licensing, Hunter Douglas Vietnam has continuously invested effort in time and financial improvements in production technology, focusing on building brand value in product quality for products frame, steel bones Luxalon. Thus, the product was Luxalon consumer confidence in Vietnam and received. The Luxalon branded products have been included in the senior construction such as Singapore Airlines Office (Ho Chi Minh City), the hotel lobby, conference rooms, exhibition halls, churches Dac Lo , airport terminals, bar rooms, supermarket, movie theater, business center …

Almost as a rule inevitable, just as prestigious products, dominating the market, immediate gratification, fake, fake birth. In 2010, Hunter Douglas Vietnam has discovered many units have been manufacturing, business-to-market products building materials (steel frame for ceiling, roof) similar products Hunter Douglas Company of Vietnam.

What more alarming, to confuse consumers as to the origin of the goods, they used signs “Luxaline” confusingly similar high level to mark “Luxalon” make consumers Mistaking “Luxaline” is also a trademark owned or intellectual property of Hunter Douglas Company.

Although Luxaline trademark application in the process of evaluation has not been granted, but use Truong Thinh Co. brand products Luxaline mounting bracket, steel bones for ceiling, roof make this mistake users is a brand new Hunter Douglas.

Tracing the goods bearing the mark “LUXALINE”

Efforts to develop the market and build brand reputation, then reappear on the market you “Luxaline” unintended, is rampant in the market, seriously affecting the reputation, image, Luxalon brand values, so the loss at both an economic perspective and spirit that can not be measured.

Investigation on the database of the NOIP, Hunter Douglas Vietnam as new assistant fire detection: Trading and Service Co., Ltd. aluminum Thinh Truong (Truong Thinh Company) – a subcontractor that Hunter Douglas Vietnam signed a construction and supply contracts are allocated to product installation for most projects in the Mekong Delta-applicant’s trademarked “Luxaline” for the service group 35 is: “Trade corrugated metal font la “and the 42” machining sheet metal maple leaf. “

What is more surprising though Truong Thinh applicant signs “Luxaline” services “font purchase is processed sheet metal and sheet metal”, the signs should be used only service on the vehicle, but in fact, this unit makes use of this sign marks affixed on the frame, steel bones for ceiling, roof makes the mistake here is to use a brand New Hunter Douglas Company.

Specifically, Truong Thinh Company offered products Luxaline affixed on products made of aluminum, steel blue, bare steel, aluminum ceiling, Panel on the building in Vinh Long province. Truong Thinh Company is offering framework products, steel bones for ceiling, roof Luxaline labeled on some projects in the province of An Giang.

Not only that, recently, the company Hunter Douglas Vietnam has also discovered large numbers of chassis products, steel bones for ceiling, roof mounted signs Luxaline already sold in the works built in Binh Phuoc province, namely: Construction of the Phu Nghia commune, Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc province.

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