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Usage of the Disney image in Vietnam must be registered copyright

IP News from duytho.comOn 17 May in Ho Chi Minh City, Walt Disney corporation proclaimed its cooperation with East Media Holding Incorporation (EMHI) in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Accordingly, EMHI will have monopoly of granting Licenses for consumer products, which bear Disne

Consumer goods bearing Disney’s logo could possibly include areas as food and beverages, clothes, jewelry, school supplies and party products… Walt Disney products will be officially distributed in Vietnam this October.

Addressing the Press, Mr. Doughlas Miller, Managing Director of Walt Disney International Corporation in the Asian Pacific region, expressed that his corporation will study the market and the Vietnamese consumption prices through EMHI. “We globally think but locally operate”, he confirmed.

According to Mr. Miller, Vietnam is a potential market. Until now, official distribution channels have not been available and the amount of Disney products available in Vietnam has been very small.  But in coming times, the quantity and value of products will be significantly increasing. “Illegal printing and illegal publishing are big challenges for us and we need time to develop stricter measures against this evil,” Mr. Miller added.

Walt Disney products are being manufactured mainly in China. However, according to Mr. Allen Wu, an EMHI founder, not all of his company’s products supplied in Vietnam are made in China. EMHI are seeking Vietnamese partners, which can meet both quality standards and quantity demands in manufacturing products. In April 2006, Buena Vista International, an International distributor of Walt Disney Film Studio, formed an agreement to distribute Disney’s and Touchstone’s films in the Vietnamese market, via some agreements with MegaStar Joint Stock Company. Recently, through EMHI, Walt Disney has signed an agreement with Saigon Culture Company to publish books (English and Vietnamese) and study materials bearing Disney’s trademark images.

Disney’s image of Mickey Mouse has been familiar to Vietnamese children for nearly a century. According to Mr. Nguyen Hoai Chuong, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City’s Training and Education Service, the mouse has made a good impression and has been educationally significant. Disney’s formal appearance, through EMHI, provides a good opportunity for the development of this image in Vietnam.

And according to Mrs Nguyen The Thanh, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City’s Information and Culture Service, the appearance of EMHI and offices of similar function in Vietnam is necessary since it creates conditions that ensure the interests of enterprises with images, trademarks and even  consumers.

“When registering the use of images and trademarks, the beneficiary units will be allowed to negotiate to receive the best prices and benefits. This activity helps enterprises and consumers to build an awareness and then a habit of not using what does not belong to them. Because if such unfortunate practices continue, both the suppliers and the beneficiary units will incur loss of prestige and property”, Mrs Thanh said.

According to Mrs. Thanh, Vietnam is integrating fast and comprehensively into world commerce and has signed agreements on copyrights and trade agreements. However,  there remains a great deal of infringement in music, poetry, photography, and musical composition. It is essential to have a respect for images and trademarks not only of the foreign enterprises but also of Vietnamese enterprises.

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