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Viet Nam’s Intellectual Property Law meets WTO requirements

IP News from duytho.comViet Nam has attached great importance to protecting intellectual property in conforming with the international rules over recent years in a bid to join the World Trade Organisation (WTO).


Over the past ten years since Viet Nam was applied to join the WTO, intellectual property-related matters have always been put high on the agenda of important bilateral and multilateral negotiations between Viet Nam and its partners, especially the US, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Mexico and European Union countries.

Viet Nam’s Law on Intellectual Property, a clear demonstration of the country’s efforts in protecting intellectual property, is considered the most important basis governing the intellectual property-related relations in areas that WTO members are interested in like investment, trade, commerce and science and technology.

Viet Nam’s Law on Intellectual Property is considered a decisive factor in concluding Viet Nam’s negotiation on intellectual property due to its conformity with the WTO’s requirements.

It was compiled in 2005 when the negotiation’s process for Viet Nam’s entry into the WTO underwent ten multilateral negotiation sessions and tens of bilateral ones, including those on intellectual property.

Accordingly, Viet Nam’s Law on Intellectual Property and concerned governmental regulations topped the agenda of the next three multilateral negotiation sessions and bilateral negotiations held in 2005 and 2006.

Viet Nam has adopted a reasonable solution, which helps not only to protect the community’s interests but also to avoid disagreements with other countries, and meets requirements of the trade-related aspects of Intellectual Property rights (TRIPS) – WTO.

According to Pham Dinh Chuong, Head of the Intellectual Property Office, Vietnamese producers should pay more attention to building and registering their trademarks since a variety of Vietnamese farm produce are traded in overseas markets under international brands.-Enditem


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