Vietnam filling the trademark

The following post can help you get to know about the issue of Vietnam filling the trademark.

If you want to get some certificates for the multi-class applications in Vietnam, you can do it. For example, it is acceptable for those who would like to file over one class of products/ services, but they are required to pay an amount of fee for the classes that are additional.

The efficiency for the class headings of products/ services is no more acceptable, but there are still some class headings that are in the International Nice Classification is considered to be usable. In order to get away from the Official Action, it’s required that all the details about the products or services need to designated. There is the equivalent level between each item of the products or services.


If you are wondering about how Vietnam filling the trademark, here are some glues as well as some good suggestion for you.

Required information

You have to summit these following things with precise information

  • The applicant’s full name, address and his/ her nationality
  • Some descriptions about the trademark, for example, the colors and brand name of the products/ services. It’s necessary to have the translation/ transliteration if there are any foreign characters in the mark.
  • The list of products or services that are included in the trademark. Some classes of specific goods or services are also need to be declared clearly and they have to base on the International Classification to do it.
  • If you have some priority during the procedure, it’s important to declare some other factors such as the statement of the country, the application number or the filling date.

Required documents

  • There are also some of the documents that you need to summit to make the application can be able to use.
  • The applicant’s Power of Attorney
  • About 15 specimens whose size are not smaller than 15 x 15mm and not bigger than 18 x 18mm.
  • If the applicant has the convention priority, they need to bring out the certificate copy as well as the English translation if it’s in other languages.

Some general information that needs to be known

There is advice that the applicants should follow, and the advice relies on the legal regulations on trademark that are used in Vietnam.

  • One or more than one class can be covered by a trademark application, and the one who files the applications firstly will be the person to get the priority right. The principle of “first-to-file” is used in Vietnam, so it will be better if the applicant can file the trademark registration as soon as they can, because they can get a lot of benefits for this.
  • The time limit can be count about 12 months since the granting date. Those 12 months include 1 month of making the formality examination, 2 months of the preparation of data for the publication, and the rest 9 months will be for the substantive examination as well as the publication.
  • Trademark Registration Certificate can protect the title of the trademark. And this will be effective since the day of granting.
  • 10 years is the time foe the validity term. It’s counted from the regular filling date, after the 10-year period, it can be renewed.
  • The third party can suspend the Trademark Registration Certificate when it’s used in continuous 5 years with no proper reasons.
  • It needs to have a payment for filling trademark, and the products and services will decide that fee, the generic terms in the registration are not accepted. That’s why the applicants can require to declare the generics terms of products and services.
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