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Vietnam – growing tourism trademark

IP News from duytho.comVietnam ranks 10th in national trademark ratings lists of Future Brand.

In two ratings lists, Most improved national trademark” and “Emerging national trademark” made by the Future Brand, a reputed brand-name development company, Vietnam has ranked 10th, based on cultural, artistic, and historical standards, outdoor activities, night activities, conferences, and business.

According to Future Brand, Italy, Australia, and the US are the top three countries of “Leading national brand-names”.

Future Brand’s report is the result of a global survey on national trademarks based on analysis of statistics and experts’ opinions.

Future Brand’s report also shows emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges in the field of tourism, the second largest industry in the world.

According to Jean-Louis Dumeu, Chairman cum Executive Director, the report is expected to help nations take a fresh look at themselves and realize the importance of national trademarks.

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