Investment procedures


1. Timeline:

  • Projects subject to registration for issuance of investment licenses : 10 days.
  • Projects to be evaluated for issuance of investment licenses: 20 days.
  • Providing information, receipt of project dossier, evaluation and issuance of investment licenses (Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment);
  • Suggestion of project site, providing guidelines of architectural plan (Office of Chief Architects )
  • Signing contract of land lease (Department of Land and Housing Management)
  • Compensation and land clearance (The City’s Board of Land Clearance)
  • Evaluation of construction work’s technical design and issuance of construction permit (Department of Construction)
  • The application dossier will be submitted by investors to the Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment and evaluated for issuing investment licenses (after having received written opinions of relevant ministries and submitted to Hanoi People’s Committee for approval).
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Business Registration in Vietnam

Since DUYTHO’s founding, business and corporate law has remained at the core of our practice. Our team has extensive experience and is focused and dedicated to advising on the legal issues which arise within the enterprise. We are widely known and well respected for our substantive expertise and pragmatic results-oriented approach. From listening to client’s requirements to executing the work, our lawyers are recognized as the most responsive and effective in the industry.  We work with the Vietnamese business registration body, tax body, investment certificate granting body etc. every day and know both the law and the practical side of the work. With the breadth of our combined experience behind them, our clients have and will continue to overcome the challenges that confront them in a practical and cost-effective way.

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