Import procedures – guidance on customs procedures under the Custom Law



– Government’s Degree 154/2005/ND-CP dated December 15, 2005 providing detailed guidance on customs procedures under the Custom Law

– Vietnam’s Customs Decision No.874/QD-TCHQ dated May 15, 2006 on “Promulgation of Customs Procedures Applicable to Commercial Imported, Exported Goods)”. The decision provides full customs clearance procedures on commercially imported/exported goods. The procedures consists of 5 fundamental steps, that are:

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Copyright and/or trademarks

SECTION VIII: COPYRIGHT AND/OR TRADEMARKS 1. Trade marks and trade names protection Trademarks and trade names are protected under Vietnam Intellectual Property Law that has entered into force since July 01, 2006. A trademark is protected if it meets the following conditions: i) To be visible sign in the form of letters, words, pictures including […]

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Other specific standards



The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has overall responsibility for the quality and standards of goods including foods. However, the MOH is fully responsible for the safety and hygiene of foods, in other words, Vietnamese standards for food safety and hygiene are set by MOH. This system in some cases has created overlapping and confused regulations on foods.

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Other regulations and requirements regulating the Government system of management, monitoring and testing on food safety and hygiene


(Product Registration, Testing, Certification, Special Documentation or Conformity Assessment Requirements)


Government Circular No.79/2008/ND-CP dated July 18, 2008 regulating the Government system of management, monitoring and testing on food safety and hygiene.

This latest government circular on food safety and hygiene describes  specific functions of  government agencies directly involved in controlling, monitoring and testing food safety and hygiene.

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Pesticide and other contaminants in Vietnam


On December 19, 2007 Vietnam Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 46/2007/QD-BYT on the “Maximum Level of Residue of Biological and Chemical Substances Allowed in Food”.. Decree No.46/2007/QD-BYT provides Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for the following:

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Food additive regulations


On August 31, 2001 the Ministry of Health issued Decree No.3742/2001/QD-BTY on the List of Food Additives allowed to be used in Food. The Decree provides the list of permitted food additives in different ways. Firstly, the food additives are grouped into 21 groups based on their functions. They are:

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Packaging and container regulations

SECTION III:  PACKAGING AND CONTAINER REGULATIONS There are no regulations on the size or weight of imported food containers. Additionally, there are no laws or regulations on container product recycling. However, there are restrictions on the use of packaging materials. On December 19, 2007, Vietnam Ministry of Health (MOH) issued Decision No.46/2007/QD-BYT on “Maximum Permitted […]

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Labelling requirements

SECTION II: LABELLING REQUIREMENTS On August 30, 2006, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed Decree No. 89/2006/ND-CP on goods labeling.  This replaces Prime Minister Decision No. 178/1999/QDTTg of August 30, 1999 that promulgated the Regulation on labeling of domestically circulated and exported and imported goods, and Decision No. 95/2000/QD-TTg of August 15, 2000 that provided […]

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Food laws

SECTION I:  FOOD LAWS Vietnam is working to update the Food Safety Ordinance ratified in 2003 to the Vietnam’s Food Safety Law. Recently, a Food Safety Law drafting committee was formed that is headed by the health minister. Vietnam plans to have the final law draft to submit to the National Assembly by June 2009. […]

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Food Criteria Registration

DUYTHO helps you to have an overview of the regulations and procedures relating to registration of the products managed by Vietnamese Ministry of Health (such as registration of foreign companies doing Medicine business, drug registration, quota to import raw materials for medicines, registration for food supplements, cosmetics, medical equipment …)

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