Introduction of Commercial Franchise


I. General information about Franchisor

  1. Trade name of Franchisor:
  2. Franchisor’s dead office address
  3. Tel:                    Fax:               Email: (if available)
  4. Establishment date of Franchisor:
  5. Information about whether Franchisor is the primary franchisor or secondary franchisor:
  6. Franchisor’s business type:
  7. Franchise field:
  8. Information about franchise registration with the Vietnamese competent state authority: (to be added after being registered)
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Guidance for Registering Commercial Franchising Registration in Vietnam

Required documents:

  1. Original application for commercial franchising registration (to be prepared by DUYTHO for franchisor’s signature & seal);
  2. Original introduction of commercial franchise (to be prepared by the franchisor according to the form);
  3. A copy of the foreign trader’s business registration certificate or paper of equivalent validity, certified by a competent agency of the place where the foreign trader is set up (to be prepared by the franchisor);
  4. A notarized copy of the industrial property right protection title in Vietnam (to be prepared by the franchisor);
  5. Original franchise agreement. If the Agreement is made in a language other than Vietnamese, then, it must be translated into Vietnamese;
  6. Original Power of Attorney (to be signed by the franchisor)
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