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Vietnam’s nano technology presented to the world

IP News from duytho.comInternational delegates were very surprised when Vietnamese scientist, Dr. Nguyen Chanh Khe, presented nano technology and demonstrated its applications in chip manufacturing at the 2005 Digital Fabrication Scientific Conference held in the US last month

Dr. Nguyen Chanh Khe, a Vietnamese intellectual, has returned to Vietnam from overseas to help re-build the country’s science and technology sector. Dr. Khe is currently the Director of the Research and Development Centre at the HCM City Hi-tech Park.


At the conference Mr Khe demonstrated to top American scientists how to produce liquid nano at a low price and also spoke about the applications of this technology in manufacturing chips. Many US scientists were very interested in Vietnam’s nano technology and will retain contact with Mr Khe to study it further.


“Other technologies have become saturated which means that intellectual property is now nearly completely owned. Since nano technology is new, competition is creativeness. If we have creativeness and breakthrough ideas we can still register intellectual property for new inventions,” said Mr Khe.


(Source: HTV, Khoa Hoc Pho Thong)

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