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Vietnam’s tea trademark registered in US and UK

IP News from duytho.comThe Vietnam Tea Association (VTA) has registered Vietnam’s tea trademark in the US and the UK, according to VTA’s Deputy Chairman Nguyen Van Thu.

Concurrently, the association is completing necessary procedures to register Vietnam’s tea trademark through the Madrid Agreement. To date, Vietnamese tea has been granted a certificate on trademark registration in Vietnam.


According to Mr Thu, in 2004, VTA was assigned by the Government to preside over a project on promoting the national trademark for Vietnam’s tea.


On June 6, 2005, a certificate on Vietnam’s tea trademark was granted by the National Office for Intellectual Property (NOIP). The trademark was later recognised as belonging to VTA.


In August, VTA will issue regulations on using the national trademark of Vietnam’s tea. Regulations regarding use of the logo of Vietnam’s tea as the national trademark will be spread out to the tea producers nationwide. The association will consider allowing tea processing establishments to use the national trademark provided that they can meet the stipulated requirements.


According to VTA, the total tea export volume for the first six months of this year reached 33,180 tonnes, or 80 of last year’s volume, worth $33.3mil. The export of black tea accounted for 70 (23,301 tonnes), while green tea and other kinds accounted for the remaining 29 (9,880 tonnes).


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