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Vietnam still tops for software piracy: BSA

IP News from duytho.comThough the software piracy rate has fallen from 92 last year to 90 this year, Vietnam is still one of the two top nations for software piracy, rivalling Zimbabwe, according to a report from the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

The BSA report, which collates figures collected on 97 countries, shows that the US has the lowest global piracy rate at only 24 of business software.

Black spots according to BSA figures are also other Asian countries, such as Indonesia at 87, and China and Pakistan at 86.

Last year a similar survey done by US market researchers IDC, found that 92 of software products in Vietnam were pirated. However, the small market for software manufacturing meant the piracy resulted in small scale loss of an estimated US$38mil.

After ratifying the Bern Convention, Vietnam has been working hard to fight against copyright piracy, seen in the drop in the use of pirated software, as well as other kinds of products each year.

Nevertheless the reduction in the number of pirated products has been slower than producers would like, and with the country now on the cusp of joining the WTO, stronger commitments must be made to combating piracy.

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