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Introduction of Commercial Franchise


I. General information about Franchisor

  1. Trade name of Franchisor:
  2. Franchisor's dead office address
  3. Tel:                    Fax:               Email: (if available)
  4. Establishment date of Franchisor:
  5. Information about whether Franchisor is the primary franchisor or secondary franchisor:
  6. Franchisor's business type:
  7. Franchise field:
  8. Information about franchise registration with the Vietnamese competent state authority: (to be added after being registered)

II. Trademark and intellectual property right

  1. Right to use trademark and any intellectual property subject matters of Franchisee;
  2. Details of trademark and rights to any intellectual property subject matters which were registered in accordance with the law


I. Information about Franchisor

  1. Organization structure:
  2. Name, duties and experience of the member of the Board of Directors:
  3. Description of the division in charge of franchise business:
  4. Experience of Franchisor in the field of franchise business:
  5. Information on lawsuits relating to franchise business of Franchisor within the most recent year:

II. Initial fee paid by Franchisee

  1. Type and rate of initial fees which must be paid by Franchisee:
  2. Time for payment:
  3. Which case the fee will be reimbursed/returned to?

III. Other financial obligation of Franchisee

For each type of fee below, clearly state the fixed fee, time for payment and in which condition the fees will be reimbursed/returned to:

  1. Periodic fee:
  2. Advertising fee:
  3. Training fee:
  4. Service fee:
  5. Payment for the rental fee:
  6. Other types of fee:

IV. Initial investment of Franchisee

The initial investment of the Franchisee includes the following main information:

  1. Business place
  2. Equipment:
  3. Expenses for the decoration:
  4. Initial goods which must be purchased:
  5. Security expense:
  6. Other pre-paid fees:

V. Obligation of Franchisee to buy or hire equipment to conform to business system regulated by Franchisor

  1. Whether Franchisee must buy any items, hire the equipments, using a certain service so as to comply with the business system regulated by Franchisor;
  2. Whether to modify/amend the regulations of franchise system;
  3. If the modification/amendment of the regulations of franchise system, clearly state which conditions must be satisfied?

VI. Obligation of Franchisor

  1. Franchisor's responsibility before the franchise agreement is signed:
  2. Franchisor's responsibility during the whole operating process:
  3. Franchisor's responsibility in deciding to choose the place for doing business:
  4. Franchisor's responsibility in the training:
a) Initial training:
b) Other supplementary training course:

VII. Description of the market of the goods/services which shall be traded in accordance with the franchise mode

  1. Description about the general market of the goods/services which are subject to the franchise agreement (some information about the general market and competition):
  2. Description about the market of the goods/services which are subject to the franchise agreement in Vietnam (description of the Vietnamese market):
  3. Prospect of the development of the market:

VIII. Franchise Agreement form

  1. Name of the articles of the Franchise Agreement:
  2. Terms of the contract:
  3. Conditions for extension of contract:
  4. Conditions for termination of Franchise Agreement by the Franchisee:
  5. Conditions for termination of Franchise Agreement by the franchisor:
  6. Obligation of the franchisor/franchisee arising from termination of the agreement:
  7. Amendment of the Franchise Agreement at the request of the franchisor/franchisee:
  8. Regulations on the conditions for assigning the Franchising Agreement of the franchisee to other traders:
  9. In case of death, declaration about ineligibility on the franchisor/franchisee:

IX. Information about Franchise System

  1. Number of franchised businesses of Franchisor which are operating:
  2. Number of franchised business of Franchisor which have been no longer operated:
  3. Number of Franchise Agreements signed with Franchisees:
  4. Number of Franchise Agreements which were transferred to the third parties:
  5. Number of businesses of Franchisee which were transferred to Franchisor:
  6. Number of Franchise Agreements which were terminated by Franchisor:
  7. Number of Franchise Agreements which were terminated by Franchisee:
  8. Number of Franchise Agreements which have been extended or not extended:

IX. Financial report of Franchisor

The financial report which were audited

X. Awards, recognition to be granted or organization must participate

We pledge that the franchised business system described in this document has been operated for at least 01 year outside Vietnam; any information in this document and other supplemented information and appendixes enclosed are all accurate and faithful. We understand that providing any incorrect information in this document shall be deemed to be illegal.


For and on behalf of Franchisor:

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