US government, Vietnamese government, copyright infringement, Le Kieu Nhu, App Store

Vietnamese author sues Apple for copyright infringement

Vietnamese singer and actress, Le Kieu Nhu, has filed suit against Apple for selling her novel on its App Store without seeking her consent.

US government, Vietnamese government, copyright infringement, Le Kieu Nhu, App Store

Photo: Le Kieu Nhu’s novel is still being on App Store.

Her lawyer, Nguyen Thanh Cong, of East Law Firm to represent her in the case, in which she is asking to be compensated to the tune of USD100,000. He has filed a petition with California Civil Court, where Apple’s headquarters is located.

The novel “The chain” was jointly published by the Vietnamese Writers’ Association and Youbooks. In March Youbooks and Le Kieu Nhu launched the book in HCM City.

Nevertheless, further publication of the novel has been suspended since the author did not apply for a legal copyright, violating the Publishing Law.

However, according to Dam Thi Lam Luyen, Former Director of the Vietnam Centre for Literary Copyright and Vice Chairwoman and Managing Director of Vietnam Reproduction Rights Organisation, in this case the book is still protected by the author copyright law.

Apple started selling the book on its App Store in 2010; however, after receiving attention from the media, it removed the book. It reappeared, however, in September of last year and has been available through Apple since.

Speaking with PetroTimes, Nhu said the novel is being sold for USD29.99 by Apple. She was particularly upset that, in her words, Apple claimed that the words and images in the book were made available by the author.

It has been nearly a week since the petition was sent, but Apple has not removed the book from the App Store.

Le Kieu Nhu said, “I am determined to pursue this case. I have faith in the law and believe I will win.”

According to her lawyer, Apple has violated several laws, including the agreement between the US government and the Vietnamese government on the Establishment of Copyright Relations signed in 1997.

Cong demanded that Apple immediately remove the book from its App Store and pay Nhu USD100,000 plus royalties of 30 of all revenues earned from sales of the book.

The book centres on a rural orphan girl who marries an “ideal” man who turns out to be impotent. Unable to make love, he chains up his wife in their home. Later, the protagonist commits adultery with a younger man.

Source: DTriNews

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