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Vietnamese parliament passes intellectual property law

IP News from duytho.comThe Vietnamese National Assembly passed important laws, including on intellectual property, in addition to some resolutions during a sitting Saturday.

They included the E-Transaction and Environmental Protection laws besides resolutions on drafting laws and ordinances and a program to keep surveillance on land use, public projects and law enforcement.

“Much attention was paid to legislators’ opinions on protecting intellectual ownership and geographic origins,” Ho Duc Viet, head of the Science, Technology and Environment committee, said.

Under the Intellectual Property Law, for arts performances for non-commercial purposes – including cultural exchanges or propaganda – permission need not be obtained from creators/owners, or loyalties paid.

However, in case of commercial performances, royalties have to be paid though permission from the creator/owner need not be obtained even for published works.

The resolution on drafting laws and ordinances envisages passing 25 draft laws and discussions on 25 other bills at the ninth and tenth sessions of the National Assembly, scheduled for May and October next year.

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