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Vietnamese version of Microsoft Office 2003 released

IP News from duytho.comVietnamese consumers can now own the first Vietnamese version of Microsoft Office 2003 as software giant Microsoft officially announced April 11 the release of the software program.

For educational institutions, the software is available at a special price of 131 USD, while its market price goes for 389 USD.

Besides, Microsoft said Monday it would also debut the Vietnamese version of Windows XP operating systems to the market on April 12.

Customers who currently have the copyright English version of Office 2003 can now download for free the Vietnamese version from its Web site at www.microsoft.com/vietnam.

Copyrighted versions

Microsoft also announced that two Vietnamese computer companies, CMS and Elead, would have authorization to install the Vietnamese versions of Windows XP and Windows 2003 for computer owners who bought the copyright versions.

The Vietnamese software versions are part of a major agreement inked between Microsoft and Vietnam’s Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

The software giant also pledges to support building e-governments, protecting intellectual copyrights, training IT forces and computerizing administrative networks as part of its commitment to developing IT in the country.

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