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Vietnamese wins grand prize for chip design

IP News from duytho.comVietnamese female engineer Phan Minh Tan from the Vietnam Science and Technology Institute won the grand prize for the 2004 international PSoC contest for microchip development, reported

Vietnam News Agency.


PSoC (known as Programmable System on Chip), considered one of 2001’s global best technology, allows manufacturers to develop low cost electronic application products by using programmable chips.


The contest was jointly held by Cypress Microsystems, which owns intellectual rights of the chip, and CMP Media of the United States.

Ms. Tan, 56, won the prize for designing a chip device that measures temperature, humidity and dew levels, mainly used in agriculture, medicine, meteorological forecast and weapon maintenance.

The contest’s board will hold a ceremony Tuesday, July 13 in Vietnam to officially award Ms. Tan the 10,000 USD prize for her invention.

Three second-place prizes were also awarded to candidates from the U.S., India and the Netherlands.

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