Violation of intellectual property in Vietnam increasingly serious

On 5-4, in Hanoi, the Intellectual Property Office held a seminar on intellectual property for journalists. This program is a prelude to the Intellectual Property Week, celebrating World Intellectual Property, 26-4-2013.

At the seminar, after the brief introduction of intellectual activity in recent times, leading Intellectual Property Agency answered questions of reporters around 2 active content is posted for establishment of Intellectual Property rights and the active support of intellectual property rights and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam today.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Ta Quang Minh, Director of Intellectual Property said, in recent years, intellectual property activities are increasingly concerned society. The dissemination of common law on intellectual property is increasingly the state authorities as well as to promote businesses, integrating the work of intellectual property closer to society.

However, according to statistics from the Department of Intellectual Property, production status, trafficking in counterfeit goods, infringement of intellectual property rights in 2011, 2012 and serious place tends to increase both the quality and seriousness of the violation. Most counterfeit goods are smuggled consumer goods, counterfeit famous brands abroad, sold cheaply. The business used false import stamps, printing counterfeit packaging and labeling scale and increasing number of large and very difficult to control.

In particular, a number of fakes that have recently linked up with elements individuals and foreign organizations especially counterfeiting counterfeiting origin prestigious brands in the world for domestic consumption. Intellectual Property Department recommendation, the items were counterfeit, infringing of intellectual property rights in the market circulation caused great harm to property and the health of consumers, such as medicines, alcohol, and cosmetics, fertilizers and electronic items, watches, sunglasses, cell phone bags, clothes, shoes …
Goods of unknown origin, in violation of the intellectual property being sold at markets in the City. Picture: KIM PHAM BANK

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong, Head of Enforcement resolve complaints Intellectual Property Office said today fake, shoddy diversity, a rich variety of types of counterfeit manufactured from China China, imported and smuggled into the country of consumption. Most product categories are also commodity fake goods violating intellectual property rights. From consumer products such as cheap simple matchbox, pen … to food, beverages, clothing, footwear, household linen to electrical, electronics are manufactured using high technology such as motorcycles, electronics, refrigeration. Only in 2011, the forces discovered function, handling 6,112 cases worth more than 18,997 billion.

From the receipt and processing of applications for registration of industrial property rights established in the past year, the Intellectual Property Department has approved and granted protection to 25 962 objects of industrial property includes 1,025 patents patents, 87 patents, utility solutions, 1,121 patents in Vietnam , industrial design, 20 042 certificates of  Trademark registration, certificate 5 geographical indication registration, certificate of registration 14 designs semiconductor integrated circuits and protection accept 3,577 registered international trademarks designating Vietnam.

According to Mr. Ta Quang Minh, in 2013, in order to promote the establishment of industrial property rights, the Intellectual Property Office will continue to review the content related to the registration of the establishment of industrial property rights the laws, especially the circulars and regulations, amendments to the proposal, adding content to solve problems, to encourage organizations and individuals to register ownership of objects industry towards simplifying procedures, applied information technology, electronic filing instructions. In order to promote the establishment of intellectual property rights, local centers will soon be established to support the development of intellectual property to advise a prospective deployment and widespread, while enhancing the effectiveness of services area of ​​intellectual property …

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