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VN documentary film copyright infringed in US

IP News from duytho.comReturning recently from America, Nguyen Viet Hung, Director of HCM City Television Film Studios (TFS), complained that copyright of his studio’s documentary film has been stolen in the US.

According to Mr Hung, products that are illegally sold in the US are mainly film, including the first ten episodes of 40-episode television serial, Mien Dat Hua (The Promised Land), which has just screened on HCM Television.

According to Hung, of most concern was the copyright of serial documentary, Me Kong Ky Su (Me Kong’s Chronicle), which TFS spent five years and US$300,000 making. The film he saw in the US was very similar to the original, but without the logo or title of TFS. Copyright breaches regarding artworks are not new in Vietnam, but this is the first time a Vietnamese documentary film has been stolen.

Me Kong Ky Su is a great film. Its first 19 episodes were made in China, with screening commencing in August 2004. This is a rare success for Vietnam, and is selling well in VCD and DVD. According to TFS, 10,000 editions of the first 19 episodes have been sold, bringing TFS VND300mil.

Series 2 to 4 of Me Kong Ky Su were made in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and China, and will be screened from November. They will also produce VCD and DVD copies of these episodes. “We will be careful to protect copyright for the film’s next series, while delivering the best product to the audience as well”, said Hung. 

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