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VTC accused of violating copyright law

IP News from duytho.comThe Vietnam Television (VTV) has just accused VTC, another television station in Vietnam, of violating copyright law when broadcasting the Miss World 2006 show yesterday.

The Miss World 2006 show was broadcast live on VTV3 at 1am October 1. Later on the same day, VTC broadcast the show on its VTC1 channel. Right after the program broadcast on VTC1, VTV posted the information on its official website accusing VTC of “seriously violating Vietnam’s regulations on copyrights”.

According to VTV, its Television Services and Advertisement Centre (TVAd) signed a contract with TV Plus to exclusively broadcast the Miss World 2006 show in Vietnam. As stated in the contract TVAd was given the right to broadcast the show in Vietnam including broadcast television channels, cable TV, as well as digital television channels for one year.

VTV scheduled to broadcast the show at 8pm on October 1, but the schedule was changed as the station decided to provide more information on Xangsane typhoon. However, VTC rebroadcast the show on its VTC1 channel as it recorded the program broadcast on Star World.

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