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VTC admits copyright violation, commits to compensate

IP News from duytho.comYesterday, for the first time since the copyright scandal happened, VTC, the TV station which broadcast Miss World 2006 show without copyright, decided to meet with TV Plus and VTV.

According to Vu Dang Yen Hang, Manager of TV Plus Company, which has the copyright to broadcast the Miss World 2006 show in Vietnam, VTC has asked to meet with TV Plus and other organisations involved in the case.

At the meeting, the two sides came to an agreement to deal with the issue through mediation. VTC acknowledged that it had violated the copyright law by broadcasting the show on October 10 without being granted the copyright.

VTC pledged that it would compensate the other organisations for losses caused by the cancellation of advertising contracts that VTV had signed with numerous advertising companies. There has not been a calculation yet of how much the losses are.

“Currently we are working with VTV and other partners to calculate the losses caused by VTC’s violation,” said Hang, adding that about two-thirds of advertising companies decided to terminate contracts with VTV after the show was broadcast on VTC.

The British organisation which is in charge of authorising TV stations all over the world to broadcast the show, Zeal Television, issued its first reaction to the case: In a document sent to TV Plus it stated that it had not signed any contract with VTC.

Zeal Television asked TV Plus to take appropriate action to deal with the case.

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