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VTC may face lawsuit

IP News from duytho.comRegarding the copyright dispute between VTV, TV Plus, Zeal TV (a British company) and VTC, VTC may face a lawsuit after it illegally broadcast the Miss World 2006 Pageant.

Zeal Television Company sent an official dispatch to the Vietnamese Television station VTC requiring an explanation from the station. It was stated clearly in the document that VTC must answer the British television company before October 5.

In case VTC did not have any reply to Zeal TV, its violation would be announced internationally. Zeal TV threatened that 500 of its partners all over the world would receive information on the case. The worst consequence of the act would be that VTC may never be able to buy any other television programme from international television programme providers.

More seriously, Zeal TV also informed VTC that if it did not get an answer, the British company would take further legal action both in Vietnam and internationally.

Recently, VTC admitted its violation, apologised to VTV and TV Plus, the two organisations which have the rights to broadcast the show in Vietnam. The station also promised to compensate VTV and TV Plus.

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