What sets us apart

It is DUYTHO’s goal to protect clients’ optimal rights and interests, give the highest quality legal services and contribute mental power to clients’ success as we understand that our cause is established on loyalty and trust from clients.

Human Resources:

Human is a core factor, a key to success in any matter. Hence, DUYTHO prioritizes man training strategies. We invest our time, efforts and materials to have our personnel trained in long-term specialized courses inland and overseas. In DUYTHO, top-level specialists and lawyers impart their experience to the next personnel. Active young personnel can perceive and apply useful knowledge therefrom and bring into play their creativeness.

Currently, DUYTHO is staffed with a team of over 50 highly qualified officers, specialists and lawyers who ever worked in various fields and have rich, intensive practical experience as well as professional consulting skills. They are always devoted and attentive to every request from clients. They also value sharing information and setting up thorough discussions with concerned sides to find out most suitable and effective solutions to certain work.


Up to now, DUYTHO has been successfully establishing good relationships with such Vietnam competent organs as: the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, General Department of Viet Nam Customs, Market Management Department, the Ministry of Health, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, and other state management bodies. Consequently, DUYTHO has received their efficient assistance when representing and consulting for enterprises in matters related to: intellectual property, business, foreign investment and all kinds of license required for enterprise operation.

Additionally, DUYTHO extends mutual cooperation to thousands of law offices, companies nationwide, regionwide and worldwide. Owing to this, over the past years, DUYTHO has timely and effectively satisfied cliental requests in legal consultancy at optimal costs.

Supporting Engines:

DUYTHO is commited to ongoing investment in new technology. Among our peers, we are often leaders in utilizing new technologies to enhance our attorneys’ productivity, efficiency, assessibility and responsivenss translating into better service to our clients. We understand that technology is a tool, and a means to an end. However, we also understand that technology is vital to providing quality legal work at the highest value for our clients. At DUYTHO, we apply an information management system and technology software which help manage cliental information as well as clients’ intellectual assets and ensure absolute safety and accuracy in providing information.

Service Fees:

DUYTHO offers preferential service fees, especially in case clients regularly use our services. DUYTHO understands that our value is acquired from the overall brainpower of all firm members and when living in a community, we need have a part in sharing value with the community.


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