Who has the right to register inventions in Vietnam?

In light of Article 86.1, the IP Law of Vietnam, the following organizations and individuals shall have the right to register inventions: (i) inventors who have created inventions by their own labour and at their own expense; and (ii) Organizations or individuals who have supplied funds and material facilities to inventors in the form of job assignment or hiring, unless otherwise agreed by the parties involved and provided that such agreements are not contrary to the provisions of clause 2 of this article.

Meanwhile, Article 86.2 of the Law stipulates that the Government shall provide regulations on the right to register inventions created by using material and technical facilities and funds from the State Budget.

Where a number of organizations and individuals have jointly created or invested in the creation of an invention, such organizations and individuals shall all have the registration right which may only be exercised with the consensus of all (Article 86.3 of the Law).

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